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  1. River HOH Down



Lyrics By Ryan Ramsdell
and Joel Hill

Well we heard you was pickers?
Now I guess you heard right.
Pick a little something now, whatever you like.
Old Timey, Rag Timey, even country blues.
Some Bluegrass, Newgrass and even some
Memphis moves.

Well the two old strangers,
That rolled into camp,
Looked at each other
With their bearded grins.
I said: you brought yer guitar,
Are you gunna play?
Damn Right, said the strangers,
Let me show you the way.
Blowin' a harp and
Strumming some chords.
To the tune of Old Ruben,
That aint been done before.

Well, we'll pick a little something now,
Whatever you like.
We're just strumming away
On a Saturday night.
Though our songs may not be,
But our thirsts are deep.
We play slightly slower than,
The pace that we drink.


So the two old strangers,
From God know's where,
Were showing up the youngsters,
Almost brought em to tears.
Rolled off their tongues like
They been doin' it fer years,
You could see it in their fingers,
And you could hear with your ears.

Less than twenty words spoken,
And we all started to play,
Some Cripple Creek, the music
Said all that need be said.
Just as soon as it started,
Now it came to an end.
With old men and young men,
Nodding their heads.

They left us with some songs,
To carry through the years.
Into the forest they went,
I hope to see them
Next year.