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  1. Soulless Solstice



Lyrics By Joel Hill and
Ryan Ramsdell

Dark is the omen on this moonless night. We've waisted away with no alibi.
Curtains are closing no time to repent. We're all in the soup and way over spent.

Heavy is the rain that makes the rivers rise. The prophecy's been told, there should be know suprise.
When the water and the land come to claim. The lives that we've been livin', now living in vain.

The final count down has begun.
Will we all fall victim to the burning sun.
Or will it simply forget to rise today.
Maybe it will be the fault of man.
We'll all be struck down by gods right hand.
Well who's to say, anyways?

Religious polticians with their crooked spines, cater to the 1% spending all our dimes,
While we stand out in the cold of them welfare lines. These are the events, these are the signs.

The cross and the crescent bare the weight, as much as the gavel and the robe inebriate.
You can smell a rat, just after you vote, and when they come to power, it is you they smote.

The clock is ticking: Defcon one
Will we all drown under the first Son?
Or will we all be forgiven, day after day?
For the sins of greed rust the blood.
And your heart stops beating with a thud.
Well, better off dead, anyway.

Middle is the class that we used to know. Between heaven and hell, green grass did grow.
Then the serpent cashed in on the land, cuz a loan is a loan to the banker man.

Foreclosure of a dream, well that's no surprise. If the working man has some, then the rich despise.
So a soul is sold to the capital steps, and the only losers are the 99 percent!